Andrea Simon

"There’s a humility to the entrepreneur who is successful. That they haven’t got all the answers and they are really open to pulling in others with a specialty. They are good leaders.” – Andi 

Andi and Gina cover how the concepts of anthropology can be applied to a cooperate setting in order to maximize a company’s growth, productivity, and profitability. They also discuss how to tune into your customers’ needs, the characteristics that are necessary to achieve success, and the importance of empowering female leadership. Don’t miss this chance to educate yourself on the concepts of anthropology and the important role they play in the culture and success of your business!

About Andrea Simon

ANDREA “Andi” SIMON, Ph.D., CEO of Simon Associates Management Consultants (SAMC), is an international leader in the growing field of corporate anthropology, an Axiom bronze Best Business Book of 2017 winning author of On the Brink: A fresh lens to take your business to new heights, and the founder and CEO of Simon Associates Management Consultants (SAMC). SAMC was recognized in 2020 and 2021 as the best New York Corporate Anthropology Agency.

Andi is a culture change expert, and an explorer at heart. She is the architect of a global thought leadership platform that blends academic perspectives, depth and breadth of business experience, written work, new media expertise, and proven success in changing corporate cultures and growing businesses.

With the release of her latest book under the Fast Company imprint, “Rethink: Smashing the Myths of Women in Business,” Andi expands her mission focus to the world of women. She is launching new programs that aim to challenge women to debunk their own personal misconceptions, empower them to overcome long-standing gender biases, and inspire them to achieve their professional and personal best.

♦ As a corporate anthropologist, business consultant, and Mattone-trained executive coach, Andi brings keen observation and thoughtful insight to improving organizational culture, guiding leaders and their teams to breakthrough thinking and “aha moments” to increase change competency, unearth hidden areas of business value, and help them capitalize on their futures.

♦ As an award-winning author, international speaker, educator, podcaster, and media contributor, Andi inspires men and women in all walks of life to unleash their potential. She has appeared on network television, Bloomberg, and numerous media outlets and blogged for and

A Focus on Rethinking Women

Andi brings a discerning eye to research into how women leaders have stepped up to drive positive change. Acknowledging that there is still much work to be done, she continues to champion gender diversity and introduce new ideas and innovations into the leadership conversation. An active member of the Women Business Collaborative, Andi is working to move us further, faster together to transform the place of women in our society.

Her Purpose and Passion

According to Andi, whether you are a company or an individual adapting to fast-changing times, your story transitions with you. The future is yours to envision. By embracing the “new familiar,” and practicing self-affirmation, you will drastically improve your business fortunes and heighten your sense of personal well-being.

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