Brett Baughman

“You have to be able to be good at self-detecting. You have to know when you are off path and the faster you can detect it the better…”

– Brett 

Brett regularly contributes to business publications, hosts seminars and workshops, and works individually with clients. Brett has worked with numerous top executives, athletes, political leaders, and celebrities. Today, Gina and Brett examine the process of finding and developing your inner entrepreneur through slowing down, letting go, and finding your true passions. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Brett’s wisdom on maintaining inspiration and igniting passion back into your soul. 

About Brett Baughman

Brett Baughman is the Founder and CEO of The Brett Baughman Companies, Inc. With more than twenty years of coaching and consulting under his belt, Brett has established himself as an authority in the field of personal development, advanced communications and peak performance.

He has appeared as the featured expert in several successful personal development films; he is the author and creator of the bestselling book series, Strategies for Success. After helping thousands of clients to produce extraordinary results in every walk of life, he developed and trademarked his renowned coaching technique, The Ideal You®️. He's a regular contributor for Forbes, Inc. and Entrepreneur.

If you’re ready to start seeing better results in your life and become The Ideal You®️ then it’s time to speak with Brett.

Brett’s motto is, “Remember, extraordinary is only a thought away!"!

Strategies for Success Ebook

Strategies for Success delivers proven steps to enhance performance in both business and life and help others to break out of boundaries, think outside the box, and achieve great personal success.

Expert Life Coach and Founder of Master the Masses Coaching Alliance™, Brett Baughman and Follow-Up Specialist, Chanel Ware share a compilation of powerful techniques from recognized leaders such as Chicken Soup for the Soul series co-creator Jack Canfield; featured expert in The Secret, Marie Diamond; and creator of the popular Financial Stress Reduction workshop and author of The Wealthy Spirit, Chellie Campbell.

This step-by-step collection provides insight that will help others:

• Define core values

• Overcome fear

• Bring the future into focus

• Become a global entrepreneur

• Build a network

For those ready to take risks without fear of failing and live a purposeful life, Strategies for Success provides the motivation to begin today!

"The road to success is a road of learning and Strategies for Success is a great road map, drawn from the mistakes and successes of others, which gives you the direction and the tools to make your journey easier." - Ivan R. Misner, PhD, Founder of BNI, New York Times Bestselling Author"

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