Cathy Corbett

“We can make choices to do things differently and 95% of the time we don’t do that. We choose the auto pilot. And 5% of the time is where the ability is open to you to make those conscious and intentional choices that change the game”

– Cathy 

Cathy and Gina discuss hard hitting topics such as neuroplasticity, diversity within the workplace, and how we can develop leadership qualities within the generations to come. 

Tune in to not only hear about a science-based approach to personal development, but also to gain wisdom surrounding the tough challenge of becoming an exceptional leader. 

About Cathy Corbett

I am an Executive, Leadership and People Development Coach with Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence.

My experience includes team, customer and relationship management roles in corporate settings then a complete change to Owner/Operator of two award winning restaurant businesses. 

I’ve been employed, self-employed, made redundant, been in jobs I was disengaged from, and those I thrived in, and felt empowered for success. I've experienced and practiced bad and great leadership. I have worked abroad and in Ireland, virtually and in person with people from many countries, and have led, employed, and indeed managed client relationships with a huge range of diverse cultures. All of these were necessary experiences and points of growth in my path.

I help any individual, business leader or executive to uncover and optimize their highest potential, navigate through growth and change, integrate, respect diversity culture and help them thrive. I help people lead and engage others, to grow and develop their skills to achieve their goals and the business goals. Human interaction is not linear, it is all about energy exchange, how our bodies, brains and nervous systems constantly send us signals and messages. My coaching service includes a deep dive to understanding the connection between the mind and management of our emotions.

The gift of genius and achieving a world class business or standard in your business isn't down to genius at all. It is down to the set of repeated, intentional and focused actions that change your mind-set for success. It is also about the level of competency in using your skillset of emotional intelligences so that you effectively influence and motivate the team you need to support you. My expertise will allow you discover those game changing strengths, and help you

Emotional Intelligence Masterclass for Leaders

I will deliver a One to One Coaching Masterclass on the 5 core competencies of Emotional Intelligence to a Leader, or potential Leader in the audience.

 masterclass will allow the winner to better understand how their energy, self-perception and self management affects others, how behaviour can positively or negatively affect all of their interpersonal relationships, how empathy can be a game changer and how capable and flexible decision making strategies can reduce stress and enable you to better cope with life's demands in an optimistic way that enhances your overall wellbeing.

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