Gillian Stollwerk Garrett

“We should celebrate the successes. Even if you want to make more money, you want to add more products, and you want to give back more. All that’s beautiful and good but if you don’t celebrate that feeling, that joy, that accomplishment what is it all about anyway?”

– Gillian

Gina and Gillian touch on having a mindset of gratitude, setting boundaries, and celebrating your victories. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from such an inspirational and successful business owner!

About Gillian Stollwerk Garrett

Gillian Stollwerk Garrett (aka "Gilly") is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. A writer, inspirer, "mixologist," and wellness advocate, you can find this mother of 3 whipping up batches of sugar scrub (and other splendid goodies for her line of products). 

Gilly insists we take some time every day to recharge. You can find her indulgent, healing, organic and vegan skincare products at or at your local (NY/NJ/CT) Whole Foods. 

While she is proud of her growing business, she defines success by how much fun she is having each day, and if she is living and loving in the present moment!

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