Natalya Berdikyan

“It’s very important to understand why we actually think what we think and why we feel the way we feel…we have so many links and beliefs and assumptions and interpretations and even fears that are running our lives and are blocking us from actually designing the life and business we truly dream about” 

– Natalya

Gina and Natalya discuss the type of mindset and energy an entrepreneur must have in order to achieve their highest potential. They address how to break free of the victim mentality, the seven different levels of energy, and share the daily practices that keep them in a mindset of success, gratitude, and inspiration. Tune in to hear the basic steps you can take to increase your daily motivation, decrease your stress, and push you to the next level of success that you are destined to achieve!

Natalya Berdikyan

Leadership and Wellbeing Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Business consultant, & Artist

Natalya Berdikyan  comes from the corporate and entrepreneurial world, with over 20 years in international business development and management   She applies her vast   experience in living in 6 different countries   handling change, deep exposure to different industries, while finding creative solutions to complex situations. Natalya’s  proven system they help  individuals and organizations grow beyond mental or geographical boundaries, to achieve lasting change, eliminating  obstacles that stand in the way to reaching full potential, fulfilment, well being and success. Prior to starting Life By Design Academy, Natalya was a shareholder and General Manager of a multimillion-dollar manufacture company, overseeing a team of 40.

Currently, Natalya sits on various boards including Entrepreneurs Organization, Natalya holds an MBA, and a BA in International Business Management. She also is a certified Energy Leadership, Performance, and Wellbeing coach bi IPEC, Associate Certified Coach by ICF (International Coaching Federation), EO/YPO Forum Moderator trained, trained in Transcendental meditation and Positive Intelligence. She is also a yoga practitionnaire and swimmer.

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